Grant Projects

Projects Date from - Date to
Project Coordinator, Controlling of Satellite Dishes and Broadcast the Television Programs, Firat University, Research Funds, Project Number: FUNAF 56, Budget: $2000 1993
Computer Evaluation of Air Pollution originated from the vehicles, Governor of City Elazig, Budget: $160.000, 1994-1996
Coordinator, Systems of Computer Technology, YOK/World Bank Second Industrial Training Project/TURKEY. Budget: $300.000 1994 - 1995
Principle Coordinator for the project entitled "East Anatolia Development Project"; This project was supported by the Turkish Republic, Primary Ministry, State Planning Organization.Budget $ 3.600.000.I coordinated the whole project. About 500 Experts (Professor, Assoc. Prof. Assist. Prof., Instructors, Teachers etc.) worked on these projects. I managed the teams and experts. It involved more then 20 different sectors like Education, Health, Industry and Services, Culture and Tourism. The project consisted of four major phases: current status, need analysis, pre-feasibility studies and Master Plan. A comprehensive report of 20000 pages in English and Turkish was prepared and published on the web 1998-2000
Coordinator for Questionnaire Application in Eastern and South Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, which was conducted in May 2000. The outcome of these surveys was used for the 8th Five Years Development Plan. Budget: $235.000. I managed 135 experts who applied the surveys in the 18 Cities in the Eastern and South Eastern Anatolia. I evaluated the surveys using statistical software like SPSS etc and prepared final report. 2000
Principle Investigator, Computer Aided Education Projects, Technical Teacher Training, Ministry of the National Education. $350.000 We trained teachers who worked at different High Schools and Vocational High Schools. We taught them how to develop curricula using modern teaching technologies and how to evaluate the success of the students. 1995-1998
Project coordinator, Developing a Software for CAE, Firat University, Research Funds, Project Number: FUNAF 536, $1500 2001
Automation on Web Based Distance Education, Firat University, Research Funds, Project Number: FUNAF 537, $1750 2001
Project coordinator for Survey on the Demand Guess Studying of Natural Gas of the Company BOTAS (Petroleum Pipeline Corporation) Budget: $40.000 2001