Continuing Education

Date Institution Location Position Description
November 1, 2005 ABET Cincinnati, OH Becoming an ABET Program Evaluator (PEV) ABET
October 11, 2005 Three Rivers PTC/USER Group Monroeville, PA Research Scholar Master Models, Wildfire 3.0 Preview, Intralink 8.0, Dynamic Enterprise Publishing.
May 4-6 2005 University of Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock, AR Speaker Global Educational Technology Symposium
April 19, 2005 Three Rivers PTC/USER Group Monroeville, PA Research Scholar Advanced CAD tools, valuable real-world insights, fresh ideas, and innovative for manufacturing operations.
December 13-17, 2004 PTC Precision Learning Partner Alpharetta (Atlanta), GA Research Scholor Proficient with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0. It was focused on learning core-modeling skills in the comprehensive, hands-on course. Topics include sketching, part modeling, assemblies, drawings, and basic model management techniques, comprehensive design project, by creating realistic parts, assemblies, and drawings.
July 1995 Oklahoma State University, International Vocational Teacher Educator Institute Oklahoma City, OK Research Fellow -Computer System Application
-Curriculum Development
March- December 1990 Indiana and Purdue Universities Bloomington and West Lafeyette, IN Technical Teacher Training and Computer Application YOK / World Bank Second Industrial Training Project,
Teacher Training
Measurement and Evaluation
Curriculum Development
Educational Statistics, Programming software (SPSS, AutoCAD, C etc).
June - August 1976 Military Factory Kayseri, Turkey Trainee Engine repair work
January - May 1975 Vocational High School Elazig, Turkey Trainee Engine repair work
July - November 1975 German Railroad authority in Kassel, Germany (IEASTE International Association for Exchanges, Fellow) Various types of mechanical shop work
August - November 1973 Machine Factory Gersthofen, Germany Trainee Various types of mechanical shop work